Hello, and welcome to my web portfolio. My name is John Ulvr, and I am an embedded software developer. My previous employer, Broadcom, closed the doors to its Kanata office on December 23rd, 2016. As such, I am currently looking for other. Given that I have knowledge of web development, and that I list this as one of my skills on my résumé, I decided to create a quick web page to showcase some of these skills.

I am an embedded systems developer, specializing in low-level development, including Linux kernel development, and network drivers.  I typically use C and Assembly as my primary languages; however, I also have experience in higher level languages and applications.   In particular, I helped design, build, and manage many of our build automation and revision control tools using perl, bash and make.   My professional experience and knowledge is outlined in detail in the Résumé tab of this page.

To compliment this, I have added a few tabs outlining some personal projects I have undertaken.  The first of these is a thermostat, which controls the solar panels for my personal swimming pool.   This is a project I built from scratch on a Raspberry Pi platform.   It currently is powered down, however, I have attached a screenshot of its interface in the Gallery .  The next tab is a port of a website I wrote several years ago about a shelf-mounted train set.  The set was built in my son's room, and was a popular website, gaining mention in Model Railroader Magazine.  In the final tab, I added a few photos of some  my designs and inventions. Of note is the Cold Hold, which is a drink holder/chiller which I designed, built, and recently had patented. 

Of course, the purpose of this site is to find employment.  I am looking for a position with a successful team that provides challenging and fun work.   While my experience lies in networking, I am not limiting my search to this field.  I would like to focus on low level kernel and driver development, as this is where my strengths lie.  I am quick to learn new technologies, and enjoy new challenges.  If you believe I would be a good fit with your firm, please let me know.   I can be contacted at john@ulvr.com, or at 613-878-8587.